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Copper Plate

Copper plate is a highly stable, low maintenance roofing and curtain wall material that is environmentally friendly, safe to use, easy to process, and highly corrosion-resistant.



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Copper Coil

Copper coil is slightly hard, extremely tough, and wear-resistant. It also has good ductility. Good thermal and conductive properties. Copper coils and some of their alloys have good corrosion resistance


Copper Strip

Copper strip is a type of metal component mainly used in the production of electrical components, lamp caps, battery caps, buttons, seals, and connectors. It is mainly used for conductive, thermal, and corrosion-resistant equipment. Such as electrical components, switches, gaskets, gaskets, vacuum devices, heat sinks, conductive base materials, and various components such as automotive water tanks, heat sinks, and cylinder fins.

Copper Pipe

Copper pipe, also known as purple copper tube. A type of non-ferrous metal pipe is a seamless pipe that is pressed and drawn. Copper pipes have strong and corrosion-resistant properties, making them the preferred choice for modern contractors to install water pipes, heating, and cooling pipes in all residential commercial buildings. Copper pipe is the best water supply pipeline.


Copper Profile

Copper profile is a type of non-ferrous metal processing rod with good processing performance and high conductivity. Mainly divided into brass rods (copper zinc alloy, cheaper) and red copper rods (higher copper content).

Copper Wire

Copper wire has good conductivity, thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, and processing properties, and can be welded and brazed. Containing less impurities that reduce conductivity and thermal conductivity, trace amounts of oxygen have little impact on conductivity, thermal conductivity, and processing properties.