Explanation on the two main categories of stainless steel plates
Regarding stainless steel plates: We currently rarely see original flat plates from steel mills, but due to their large volume, high cost, difficulty in acid cleaning, and inconvenient transportation, stainless steel plates made from stainless steel coils are more commonly seen in the market.

Commonly used stainless steel plates are divided into two categories:

Classification of stainless steel plate width

1. Cold rolled stainless steel plates are divided into rolled plates and rolled flat plates.

A. The stainless steel rolling plate is divided into 1 meter, 1.219 meter board surface, and 1.5 meter board surface.

B. The commonly used dimensions of stainless steel flat plates are 1 meter * 2 meters, 1.219 meters * 2.438 meters

2. Hot rolled stainless steel plates are divided into rolled plates, flat plates, and hot rolled plates

A. The commonly used surface of stainless steel rolling plates is 1.5 meters and 1.25 meters

B. The commonly used sizes of stainless steel plates are 1.5 * 6 meters, 1.8 * 6 meters, and 1.25 * 6 meters.

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